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The best way to find the right person to solve your most difficult business problems.


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The Question

Is there a better way for business owners and managers to find the right short-term talent to solve their toughest problems?


We know what it’s like to run a business. Every day you are in problem solving mode. Sometimes problems come at you faster than you can solve them. Most problems can be solved but every now and then a potentially business killing problem pops up and you just don’t know what to do. Did you ever wonder why some businesses succeed and others fail? Because they just can’t solve business killing problems. Well… When it comes to solving your toughest problems, you aren’t alone anymore. Now you can turn to the Fixers Guild of experts, consultants, and specialists to help solve your toughest problems right now. Using our exclusive AI matching technology, you will be matched with the right person to help you get to a solution as fast as possible. What if just twenty-five-minute phone call could give you the insight to solve your problem? Think about the time and money you would save. Just enter your problem in plain English, click a few boxes to identify your company’s unique business type then our system goes to work finding just the right person who can help you the most. You quickly interview them and decide if they can help. Then with one click you can set up an online session to start solving your problem. All agreements and payment are done on our platform. And… We guarantee the expert will help you or you pay nothing. Did you ever think solving your most pressing problems could be so easy?

Distribution Plan

Build list of experts through LinkedIn searches and invitations. Use content marketing and local business organizations to spread the word.


A unique AI system matches businesses with potential experts to help them solve their toughest problems.  This may be patentable. The system uses fuzzy logic to suggest experts that may not be an exact match but may actually be a better fit.  Experts and businesses will be rated and these ratings will have great value to all involved.


This in an end-to-end platform for identifying, interviewing, contracting, paying and rating experts matched to the problems businesses are trying to solve.   As the database of experts grows we will use our AI to match and “package” potential projects and suggest those to companies. Revenues are generated from commission earned from booked and paid for problem solving sessions.



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